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Storyteller, Strategist, Coach.

I articulate the untold story. I champion the genius in you. I advocate for the underdog. I inspire introspection. I empower the highest version of your purpose. I mirror back your truth. I offer a vision of what is possible. I craft language that connects. I create worlds with my words. I channel messages from my creator. I walk a path paved by my ancestors. 

We often hide what makes us different for fear of being or doing ‘too much.’ 
But what you’re hiding could attract what’s meant for you. 
What you’re hiding could connect you to what you desire the very most.

I’m Amanda and I’m here to stand in the gap for you.

I wear many hats: journalist, strategist, storyteller, personal brand coach to high achievers. I articulate ideas and amplify missions of the brilliant and brave. I craft messaging for equity-minded revolutionary thinkers. But above all else, I stand in the gap - writing and sharing the stories for people who can’t find the words - and I’ve been doing it my whole life.

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Strategy and Coaching
PR | Storytelling | Personal Branding 

Corporate Training and Speaking
Personal Brand | Storytelling Imposter Syndrome

It’s time to evolve. Partner with me to tell your story and reintroduce yourself to the world.

Hire me to unlock your corporate group, inspire introspection and get your team thinking deeper, bigger.

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“Amanda is magic. Plain and simple. She knows how to hear the genius in your message and guide you through clarifying and refining that message for your audience. Working with her is like having a good teacher - you do the work - and you feel it, but you learn so much about how to think and what to consider that you can use later. That’s the awesome part, the experience continues to contribute to your brand and help you evolve when things change. I’m a repeat and ongoing client for a reason. I wouldn’t be running the business I am today without Amanda’s magical skillset and expertise.”

Amber Cabral

Corporate Diversity Consultant and Author of Allies and Advocates

"In my own work, I help clients identify their most important themes and details, and then translate those for the rest of the world. It is extremely delicate, rigorous work with mutual trust very much in play. Having been on the other side of the equation, I know how great brand consulting makes the client feel. Hiring Amanda, now I was the client. Throughout the process, Amanda was a confidante, mirror, truth-teller, advocate, empath, guide, and expert advisor. I learned so much from her that I’ve brought into my own practice; I hope I can make clients feel as understood and clarified as she made me."

Tasha Gideon

Holistic Brand Strategist

"For years I struggled in my professional career to identify my purpose and pursue my passion as a real estate entrepreneur. I made the bold decision to invest in myself and work with Amanda to extract and articulate my unique gift of problem-solving and the creation of wealth in black and brown communities through real estate. Amanda has incredible compassion, intellect and tools for those who are trying to figure out their "purpose". I highly recommend Amanda and her "Package Your Genius" platform to define your brand and extract what is special about you and what you have to offer."

Yohance fuller

Real Estate Consultant

“I was finally able to get CLEAR on my message and exactly what I have to offer. I've worked with brand coaches in the past and have gotten a few gems but always walked away feeling that my messaging still wasn't quite right or didn't fully resonate. After working with Amanda, I finally feel like my story and messaging truly capture me and the work that I do. I'm able to pitch my paid services with more confidence and am no longer trying to shrink my messaging in order to fit into what the experts say 'converts' sales. Instead of worrying about whether my messaging is too nerdy or too esoteric, or following the formulas that say you have to talk to people like 5th graders. It feels so good to no longer feel like I'm 'selling', but inviting the right people who are eager to come on a wellness journey with me. This has been a major mindset shift. I don't have to dance around on social media or follow trends to get in front of the right people. I can find my people simply by being me. ”

Dr. reba peoples

Psychiatrist and Antiracist Wellness Advocate

“Amanda and the Package Your Genius Academy have truly been transformative for me. When I started working with Amanda I really had not found my voice or harnessed all of my talents and insights to better create a public profile. I was undervaluing my voice, perspective, and what I had to add to a national narrative on health equity and public health. Since working with Amanda I have found true clarity and true motivation to showcase my authentic voice. I have more actively pitched my voice for op-eds and have even landed a couple of television interviews and it wouldn’t have been able I wouldn’t of been able to do it without Amanda‘s assistance and guidance. She’s helped me move past imposter syndrome and ensure I am giving all of my talent, insights, and experiences and I'm sharing  more readily and leveraging all of that for more positive impact. She has helped me develop an authentic public presence that I’m really proud of.”

Dr. LAuren powell

Health Equity Expert and
Pharmaceutical Executive