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I’m a former full-time print journalist turned marketing and messaging strategist. I tackle freelance assignments that spark my interest in culture and am thrilled when I get the chance to tackle meaty topics that intersect with work/labor, family, mental health, wellness, and Black women.

I’m an essayist, contributing columnist, and cultural commentator.

I Pushed My Kids to Succeed

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Inheritances explores the cultural norms passed down through the generations, and the choice to hold onto history or rewrite the narrative.

My Big Ideas

There are a few original philosophies that guide my thinking as a writer, coach, and human. I call these my Big Ideas.

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Self-Actualization Through the Seasons.

I believe the answers to the journey of purpose can be observed in the cycles of nature. The ground rests in winter, blossoms to life during spring, matures during summer, and finally generates a harvest during the fall before fading away and settling in for another period of rest. Most of us don’t question the changes happening on the trees and with animals - we’ve come to expect those changes, and even may say things like “everything in its season…” The same is true for us. Nature has a way of course correcting. Wherever you are, it’s a necessary phase in your personal cycle of evolution. No season is wasted.

(2017- Present)

My Executive Coaching Philosophy

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Package Your Genius

I believe everyone has a unique genius. 

Perhaps you have an innate way of doing something or a special gift that you want to package for service or profit. If you can’t articulate what is valuable about your experience, I’m here to help you identify that genius and package it so you can share it with the world. The Package Your Genius framework finds the message you’ve been hiding, the expertise you’ve downplayed, the skills you’ve overlooked and haven’t been able to bring to the forefront. It helps you uncover your true strengths so you can leverage them for MORE - whether that is a better job, more clients, more industry recognition, or simply the satisfaction of doing something you’ve always wanted to do.

(2013- Present)

They don’t realize that being great at what they do isn’t enough - you have to know how to package your genius and tell your story if you want to steer the wheel. I believe that if you’ve worked hard to develop the skills and expertise to do great things, your inability to market yourself shouldn’t keep you from opportunity. The Package Your Genius philosophy and framework helps brilliant high achievers build a personal brand that showcases their skills and talents so they can attract the opportunities they deserve.

When it comes to self-promotion, most people are wildly underselling themselves. 

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My PR Philosophy and Framework

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Genius for the Next Generation

I believe every child is a genius. 

When I helped my then 9-year-old son Connor turn his hilarious short story into a published book, I realized that kids can do great things when they are challenged, supported, and taken seriously. It frustrates me when I watch adults stifle the possibility, diminish the potential, and overlook the genius inherent in each child. I believe that every child has a genius, even if we as adults don’t quite understand it.

(2018- Present)

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Package Your Genius:
5 Steps to Build Your Most Powerful Personal Brand

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Find Your Child’s Genius

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