About Me

My name is Amanda and I’m here to help you uncover and communicate who you REALLY are. 

For the past decade, I’ve held space for some of the most brilliant minds on the planet - helping them push past imposter syndrome, extract thought leadership content, erect personal brand platforms, make their ideas visible, land book deals and invaluable media coverage and rightfully take up the space they deserve.

High achievers think of me as their truth mirror and brand compass. Through our work together, you'll be empowered to stop shrinking, uncover your authentic path, unearth your voice, and tell your story. In the process, you'll  connect with the people who need your work and have the once in a lifetime opportunity to share the genius gift that lights you up the most.

Whether I’m helping a leader stop shrinking and FINALLY outline the book that will position her as an industry expert, or helping a CEO frame her ideas for her next big keynote, I'm here to help my clients get clear on what they uniquely have to say and share so they can command attention for their most important ideas.

Connect with your truth and find your life's work.

It all started the first semester of fifth grade.

my story

My language arts teacher Ms. Perkins had a stack of graded papers tucked in the crease of her arm as she proceeded to walk about the classroom handing them out to us one by one. It was my first year at Meigs Magnet School and this was one of our first assignments. Fresh from my neighborhood school, I was eager to prove I had rightfully earned my spot at the prestigious academic magnet. When Ms. Perkins slid my paper - face down - back to me, I held my breath in anticipation wondering if I’d cut it here. Then she leaned over and whispered “Amanda you’re a good writer…” and I glimpsed the outline of the bright red “A” circled at the top of the page.

From that day on,
I owned the identity: writer.

From love poems to book reports to college essays to handwritten letters to my Grandpa - I took pride in every word. My love of language and writing drove me to major in English, compete for a journalism fellowship, try my hand at fiction, chase down stories as a reporter, tease out meaning as an essayist, and eventually help others tell their stories as a coach.

But it all starts and ends with words.

These days, I toggle between telling important stories as a freelance journalist; delivering storytelling and imposter syndrome workshops for Fortune-ranked corporate clients; ghostwriting stories and framing big ideas for executives; and championing the ideas of others through my coaching programs, storytelling, and strategy work.
I believe the work I do ultimately serves to increase equity, combat erasure, and open closed minds, making the world a more tolerable place.

the b-sides

A few facts about me:

I’m a wife and mother of three.

I’m a jazz aficionado.

I’m a coffee connoisseur.

I’m a nature lover.

I’m a textbook INTJ.

I’m a native Tennessean.

I helped my son Connor publish his first fiction series for kids by the time he was 11.

I need copious amounts of solitude for thinking and writing and get cranky if I don’t get it.

A perfect day starts with a cup of coffee, a walk in the forest, and a chance to journal my thoughts.

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