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The Journey With Me

By now you’ve likely confused your many abilities — what you can do —- with your actual desires— what you were born or called to do. You’ve followed a prescribed path - maybe to become a successful attorney, engineer, or political operative - but found that path led to a pot of gold that just isn’t enough anymore. So while you’re successful, you’ve outgrown the success you have now. It no longer quite feels like…you.

Other people think you’re crazy for wanting more. After all, you’ve already done so much. But hanging out on this plateau is making you feel antsy, bored, restless. You’re not satisfied.

In our work together, I’ll help you stop settling for good enough. I’ll push you to understand and articulate—- “what’s next for me?” We’ll work to find and amplify the current work that gives you meaning and fulfillment in this season.

You’ve already done A LOT. You’ve achieved success but now you’re interested in understanding - and helping the world understand - what’s next for you. It’s time to reintroduce yourself, explain the new ways you express your gifts, and articulate a new message about who you are.

my approach

Yay! You made it. But it probably took you a while to find me.

It's time to walk your truest path and reintroduce yourself to the world.

You’ve already done a lot. 
You’ve achieved success but now you’re interested in understanding - and helping the world understand - what’s next for you. 

I’m interested in partnering with clients who are curious, serious, and equity-minded.

When we’re an intellectual and energetic fit, we can have a great time digging in and doing the work. I want to work with those who are ready to learn but also have many things to teach - my greatest working relationships have evolved out of a mutual exchange of ideas and curiosity.

How I work

I value honesty and integrity.

I’m caring, compassionate, trustworthy, and encouraging.

I welcome all parts of what makes you…

You - the big goals, the secret fears, the unrealized dreams, the humiliating failures, the regrets, the wins, the generational patterns. I’m here to bear witness and hold space for all of it.

I am highly intuitive and spiritually grounded.

While I use my highly developed writing, reporting, and strategy skills, I also access my spiritual gifts in my work.

Who I’m Best Suited to Help

Over the years, I’ve noticed that my best clients - those who enjoy my in-depth process and those who I tend to enjoy working with - generally fit a certain profile.

My best client...

● Is intellectually curious 
● Has been a high-achiever, typically since childhood
● Is often multi-talented and good at many things - they can easily confuse their abilities and aptitudes with their goals and desires
● Finds it difficult to decide where to focus their energies, and how to use the many talents and opportunities they have at their disposal
● Is often used to opportunities finding them due to their reputation and hard work, but is at a place where they want to get more intentional about what they accept
● Is seen by others as successful, yet they’re personally still in search of a new challenge

Who I’m Not the Best Fit For:

● You are just starting out and don’t have a clear track record of success in any area
● You don’t strive for excellence
● Others would not characterize you as high-potential, or high-achieving
● Your main goal is to find fame as an Instagram Influencer
● You prefer surface over depth
● You’re unwilling to show up transparently and vulnerably to this process
● You’re not willing to put in the work to get to to the core of who you really are and what you’re here to offer the world

If the following statements describe you, we’re likely not a good fit:


Purpose Alignment, Storytelling, and Personal Brand Strategy and Coaching for Thought Leaders

As a writer, personal brand storyteller and executive coach, I use my PURPOSESCAPING framework to help thought leaders like you: 

● Find the words to clearly articulate who you are
● Upgrade your self-image
● Hone your intuition and decision-making skills
● Operate in alignment with your highest purpose



We start with articulating who you are:
What’s your story? How do you offer value to others?

In short, what difference are you here to make?

Once the value proposition is clear, I put my public relations hat on and show you how to amplify your message so you stand out as a leader. What do you have to add to your industry conversation? What do you have to teach or share? What books are you here to write? What people are you here to convene? What movements are you here to guide? What change are you here to spark? What ideas are you here to spread? What impact are you here to leave?

Along the way you’ll get to know yourself deeply so you can share an accurate message about yourself and past accomplishments.

You’ll learn to trust your gut and trust the journey so you know when an opportunity is a resounding “yes” or when it’s a “no.” You’ll understand what opportunities are in alignment with the path you’re here to walk.

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Personal Branding, Imposter Syndrome and Burnout Recovery Trainings and Workshops 


Overcome imposter syndrome to tell your full story. 
 Get clear on your brand and the work you’re meant to do.
Reclaim your rhythm beyond burnout.

I bring an engaging, intuitive presenting style to audiences and teams who are ready to go deeper. Whether I’m teaching audiences how to recognize and reframe their imposter syndrome or taking them through my personal brand framework to map out their thought leadership ideas, a session with me will provide the welcoming space for your team members to radically rediscover themselves.

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